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Best beta medicine reviews. Here we have put together a list of cheap beta medicine that you are looking for. To create the list we have reviewed 1751 Treatments available online.

Recommendation No. 1
API FIN & BODY CURE Freshwater Fish Powder Medication 10-Count Box - Best Beta Medicine Reviews
  • Contains one (1) API FIN & BODY CURE Freshwater Fish Powder Medication 10-Count Box
  • Treats body slime, eye cloud, fin & tail rot, open red sores, gill disease, and hemorrhagic septicemia
  • Causes slight discoloration of water that can be fixed by adding activated charcoal
  • Use only in freshwater aquariums
  • Use daily for four days when symptoms of bacterial diseases appear
Recommendation No. 2
API Bettafix Betta Medication - 1.7 oz (93B) - Best Beta Medicine Reviews
  • Contains one (1) API BETTAFIX Antibacterial & Antifungal Betta Fish Infection and Fungus Remedy 1.7-Ounce Bottle
  • Heals bacterial infections, repairing damaged fins, ulcers, and open wounds and promotes regrowth of fins
  • Treats newly introduced fish to reduce risk of disease outbreak and heal wounds and tissue damage
  • Contains healing melaleuca, a variety of tea tree
  • Use daily for a week when treating infections and for three days as a preventive when adding new fish
Recommendation No. 3
(2 Pack) API Bettafix Anti‑Bacterial Fish Remedy (1.7 Ounce Per Pack) - Best Beta Medicine Reviews
  • 2 1.7-ounce bottles API Bettafix
  • An all-natural, antibacterial medication for Bettas
  • Add 9 drops per pint or 18 drops per quart of bowl or aquarium water
  • Should be used whenever your Betta exhibits signs of disease, such as wounds, ulcers, mouth fungus, fin and tail rot, slimy patches, and cottony growths
  • Bettafix aids in healing damaged tissue as a result of handling, netting, and fighting using the healing power of Melaleuca (a variety of Tea Tree oil) which promotes rapid re-growth of damaged fins and skin
Recommendation No. 4
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals 93B Bettafix Remedy, 1.7 oz. - Best Beta Medicine Reviews
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 7 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 2.52 Inches
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 1.5 Inches
Recommendation No. 5
HIKARI Betta Revive .08oz /2 Pack - Best Beta Medicine Reviews
  • 2 Pack of 0.08 oz
  • Prevents & Controls Protozoan, Bacterial and Fungal Diseases
  • Helps Regenerate Damaged Fins & Tails
  • Active Ingredient Speeds Recovery Safe & Effective Short-Term Treatment (3 to 7 days typically)
Recommendation No. 6
API AQUARIUM SALT Freshwater Aquarium Salt 65-Ounce Box - Best Beta Medicine Reviews
  • Contains one (1) API AQUARIUM SALT Freshwater Aquarium Salt 65-Ounce Box
  • Promotes fish health and disease recovery with increased electrolytes
  • Improves respiration for fish in freshwater aquariums
  • Made from evaporated sea water for all-natural results
  • Use when changing water, when setting up a new freshwater aquarium and when treating fish disease
Recommendation No. 7
Hikari Betta Revive.08oz - Best Beta Medicine Reviews
  • 0. 08 oz.
  • Length: 3
  • Width: 1
  • Height: 5. 5
Recommendation No. 8
SunGrow Miracle Fin Rot Mini Catappa Leaves, Betta Medicine & Water Supplement, Keep Bettas Healthy and Happy, Contains Beneficial Compounds, 2” (5cm) Long Indian Almond Leaves, 50 Leaves - Best Beta Medicine Reviews
  • ✔ SYMPTOMS OF FIN ROT --- More common in uncycled tanks and small bowls, fin rot begins to eat away a betta fish’s beautiful fins. Be careful not to confuse fin rot with fin biting, tearing or splitting. They are caused by physical injury from boredom, fighting or snagging sharp decor. If your betta has fin rot, you will specifically see white, red or black edges on the deteriorating fins.
  • ✔ MIRACLE LEAVES KEEP BETTA IN A HEALTHY STATE --- Fin rot, sometimes called fin melt or tail rot, is fairly common. It is caused by things that exist in your aquarium water. These undesirables start becoming a menace when your betta has a weak growth or when you are raising a vulnerable fry. You can keep your betta fish in optimal health by adding these phenomenal leaves.
  • ✔ OTHER MEDICATION NOT REQUIRED --- If you spot fin rot before it gets too severe, you can attempt to remove the illness using wholesome Indian almond leaves. Catappa leaves help your betta fish to get in better shape faster. It is best to keep catappa leaves in your tank because once fin rot becomes too bad, it will require medication.
  • ✔ SPEED UP THE BREEDING PROCESS --- Although bettas are generally interactive fish, they do enjoy a little alone time once in a while. The pack of 50 catappa leaves from SunGrow can provide shelter when placed on the bottom of your betta tank. Your pet fish will love to swim behind and under the leaves to take a rest or a nap. The leaves are also a great place for breeding betta to spawn their eggs.
  • ✔ CONTAINS HIGHLY BENEFICIAL COMPOUNDS --- Once the catappa leaves, also referred to as ketapang leaves, are fully saturated with water, their beneficial compounds begin to work. These compounds cause your aquarium water to darken and have tons of beneficial supplements that relax your betta fish and helps aid in a long, healthy life. These compounds are similar to those needed to treat fin melt.
Recommendation No. 9
API FURAN-2 Fish Powder Medication 10-Count Box (70P) - Best Beta Medicine Reviews
  • Contains one (1) API FURAN-2 Fish Powder Medication 10-Count Box
  • Treats a wide variety of bacterial fish infections.
  • Easy-to-dose packets.
  • For use in fresh and saltwater aquariums only.
  • Use daily during 4 days when symptoms of bacterial diseases appear.
Recommendation No. 10
Beta Sitosterol (500 Mg) Prostate Supplement for Men - Supports Frequent Urination, Prostate Health & Healthy Cholesterol Levels, by Nature's Potent 90 (Capsules) - Best Beta Medicine Reviews
  • SUPPLEMENT FOR PROSTATE HEALTH - Beta-Sitosterol is a substance derived from plants. In essence, it’s similar to cholesterol, which is the reason why Beta-Sitosterol supplement helps you maintain heart and prostate health so effectively
  • BETTER BLADDER - Reduces Frequent Urination - Improving Prostate Health with Beta Sitosterol Supplement may also help reduce frequent urination and improve overall men's health.
  • HEART HEALTH: Taking Beta-Sitosterol for cholesterol control promotes your heart health in general and helps to keep your cardiovascular system in good condition.
  • IMMUNITY BOOST: Nature’s Potent Beta-Sitosterol pills provide an immunity boost that can help everyone, including athletes and people experiencing prolonged periods of physical stress.
  • TOP-QUALITY PRODUCT MADE IN USA: Nature’s Potent Beta-Sitosterol capsules are produced at a top-of-the-line facility located in the USA. We use only premium-quality natural ingredients.

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